Update on January 2022 Production

Suffice it to say, I was thrilled and surprised when the stacks of hot sauce bottles in my living room — produced over the better part of Fall 2021 — sold out in Goodlands’ first two weeks open! (Our in-person booth at Go West Craft Fest helped — big ups to Vix Emporium for hosting.) After sending off our inaugural hot sauce orders before the end of December, I took a couple of weeks off to catch my breath and strategize for 2022.

So — what’s next? Most importantly, I’ll be back in production this month, as soon as possible. While I’m still working out exactly what I’ll have access to, it looks likely that there will be restocks of at least Orange Habanero, Carrot Habanero, and Serrano Cilantro Lime, as well as a first release of (!!) Jalapeno Dill Pickle. Crossing my fingers to get some cranberries and do another big drop of Spiced Cranberry — a hot sauce that warms me up with all the best winter nostalgia.

By March, I hope to share at least one new condiment (not hot!) that I’ve been workshopping over the last several months: a dual purpose sweet/savory super-lemony sauce. You’ll be able to mix this up in any combination, as you would a wedge of fresh lemon — a refreshing twist in a fruit dip, dolloped on a savory dinner, swirled into some creamy pasta, etc. More on this soon.

As the rest of the year unfolds, I’ll be exploring ways to scale up production, move to more sustainable shipping and packaging, and partner with growers for the next season. I’m learning as I go, and will be communicating with you how Goodlands is growing and changing along the way.

To recap: More hot sauce is only a few weeks away, and much more hot sauce is on the horizon. I’ll share production updates on the Goodlands Food Co. instagram and here on the site. Now and always – I’d love to hear from you with any feedback!

Thanks and cheers –

Founder, Goodlands Food Co.

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