Month in Review: January 2023

On the heels of an exciting, frantic, and eventful holiday season, I sidled into January at peace with the likelihood of a quiet winter: after all, many people (myself included) start the year by resting their wallets and taking stock of the abundance from the year’s end.

What I didn’t expect, however, was the flurry of online orders, wholesale re-orders, and new vendors that helped Goodlands start the year on a high note. Thank you to everyone who made this happen! Updates below:

  • Philly Foodworks picked us up to add to their ever-expanding, impressive line-up of local and regional producers. PFW provides an online marketplace for locally sourced produce, foods, and packaged goods (-and I’ve been a customer of theirs for many years)!
  • Salt & Vinegar in the Italian Market added a few more Goodlands’ hot sauces to their shelves. S&V opened up back in December, and already has been such a huge boon to the small food business community in Philadelphia, with special attention towards women-, minority- and immigrant-owned businesses. They’re also a great stop for foodie (and food-themed) gifts. We love them!
  • Herman’s Coffee in Pennsport added some new Goodlands hot sauces to their legendary hot sauce shelf, where you can find a gorgeous lineup of sauces including a number of Philly’s own: Pickle Monster Hot Sauce, Faiya, and La Parchita (from Amy’s Pastelillos). Based out of an old auto repair shop, Herman’s produces their own coffee blends and flavor syrups, and offers a specialty food market replete with jams and preserves, artisanal chocolates, Italian imports, condiments, tinned fish, a zero proof shelf, snacks, etc. –and very cool merch. We love how welcoming and supportive they are to newcomers (like Goodlands) in the Philly food world!

Batch Production

Starting January 1st, we went back into production for the new year with a special batch of Maple Chili Garlic Hot Sauce, Goodlands’ emerging #1 flavor. As always, we used maple sugar from Patterson Farmers, based in northern PA.

We bottled another batch of Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce, the spiciest of Goodlands’ hot sauces (and one of my personal faves), sourcing carrots from Lancaster Farm Fresh, and a bright, full-bodied apple cider vinegar from Keepwell Vinegar.

Next batches up for production are Serrano Cilantro Lime, Maple Chili Garlic, and some r&d for a new flavor (-but keeping the details under wraps until it’s ready to share; sorry, must be sneaky).

Upcoming Events

Get Sauced at Jet – A Hot Sauce & Wine Pairing feat. Goodlands Food Co.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Jet Wine Bar – 1525 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

On February 7th, we’re back at Jet Wine Bar for an indoor, all-inclusive pop-up. Hope you can join us!

Wine and salty foods? Classic. Wine and sweet foods? A standby. But wine and spicy foods? Not quite as common, but never fear- despite many shying away from a potentially delicious duo of chili sauce and Chenin Blanc, we’re here to show you how easy (and tasty!) it is to perfectly pair your favorite spicy dishes with your favorite wines. Featuring Goodlands Food Co.’s hot sauces, a woman-owned and operated, West Philly based condiment company using locally sourced ingredients in their unique offerings, this tasting is not one you want to miss! Grab your tickets here for 60/pp, which includes food, drink, tax and gratuity (and as always, don’t forget that our Wine Club members get $10 off ticket price!).

Clark Park Farmers Market

Saturday, February 18th, 2023 | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM | Clark Park, Philadelphia, PA

We’re back for our monthly Clark Park Farmers Market spot, with a restock on Classic Spice Flights and all of your favorite hot sauces. Stop by for samples, and grab a hot sauce for you or a friend!

Gratitude & Shout-outs

Best meal of the month was easily Tabachoy, which recently opened in Bella Vista. Do yourself a favor and book a table ASAP!

Special thanks this month to all of our return customers at Clark Park, our online customers, our friends at PFW, Salt & Vinegar, and Herman’s, and friends who re-upped their home supply of hot sauce (you know who you are!). Thanks, also, to fellow vendors who provided great advice and feedback, especially The Pasta Lab, Plant Basting, and Aaji’s. And to Jaci, Rachel, Ming, and Simon for their help making sure this forgetful girl got fed; Appreciate you.

Stay spicy, my friends –


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