Our Story

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Goodlands Food Co. delights in working with farmers and food purveyors to bring you the very best and freshest flavors to elevate your plate year-round.

I’m Anna, and this is Goodlands Food Co.

I live in West Philadelphia just a few blocks from our kitchen, and am so excited to bring you the flavors that I’ve been working on these last few months.

Early in 2020, I signed up for a community garden plot. Along with costata zucchini, Thai pink cherry tomatoes, and honeynut squash, I wound up growing ghost peppers – one of the hottest peppers in the world (and a little nod to their home in the Woodlands). They all but glowed in my hand as I picked them, ruby red and devilishly crinkled. I immediately blended them up with some garlic, vinegar, and Jimmy Nardellos for a hot sauce, and became obsessed.

Autumn followed on the heels of August, and before I knew it, November had arrived. As I laid my garlic into the ground for the winter, I picked the last unripe, green ghost peppers from my plant, and whipped up another recipe: now my cilantro lime hot sauce. I gave some to a friend as a ‘thank you’ gift, and within a couple days received the response: “It’s already gone. Can I buy more?” That was the true beginning of Goodlands Food Co. I’ve spent the last year testing recipes and trying new flavors.

Since the first batch of ghost pepper hot sauce, I’ve broadened out to craft hot sauces around serranos, jalapenos, habaneros, and hungarian wax peppers, with hopes of an ever-diversifying palate of chiles. I’ve seen the beginning of popular favorites like our orange habanero hot sauce, and funkier ones like the jalapeno dill pickle hot sauce. I’ve experimented with lacto-fermentation as well as vinegar-based sauces, and am actively testing a number of tangy, creamy, and non-spicy condiments.

My dream for Goodlands Food Co. is to use the best of the season to create a rotating offering of seasonal hot sauces, condiments, and toppings to heighten the flavors on your plate. I’m in for the long journey, and I hope you’ll join me.

Go-To Weeknight Recipe
This perfect roast chicken or toasty lentil soup.

Favorite Condiments (Non-Goodlands)
Sriracha, mayonnaise, EVOO, red wine vinegar (in no particular love order).

The Goodlands Food Co. Mascot
Goodlands Food Co. is proudly represented by Kimmy, Project MEOW wunderkind and resident plant wrestler.

A calico cat with green eyes is curled up on a white blanket