Garden Party Bundle w/ Fruitcake Flowers

We’re excited to offer this summer picnic bundle in collaboration with Philly-area florist, Fruitcake Flowers. Along with your Garden Party Spice Flight, this bundle includes a special packet of freshly dried floral confetti – dried bleeding hearts, marigolds, roses, ferns, buckeye blossoms, fleabane, hydrangeas – to add to your summer delight. An ode to summer, our “Garden Party” spice flight offers four hot sauce flavors full of sunshine for picnics and gifting this season: Rhubarb Habanero; Carrot Habanero; Lemon Love; and Spicy Basil Hot Sauces.

Our Story

Goodlands Food Co. started out of a community garden plot during pandemic lockdown, with an experiment growing ghost peppers at the Woodlands Community Garden. I started making hot sauce for family and friends, and people kept coming back, asking for more. I’ve spent the last year+ testing recipes, and am thrilled to share our gorgeous lineup of hot sauces (some very hot, some not) with you. This company is all about elevating the flavors on your plate, and celebrating the season.

Anna Dausman, Goodlands Food Co. Founder

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